Eventbrite - REST Fest 2014

Women in Tech Scholarship

REST Fest's "Women in Tech" scholarship program is back for it's second year! Originally conceived by RESTful Web APIs co-author Leonard Richardson and open source community manager Sumana Harihareswara, our Women in Tech Scholarship will be helping expand the diversity of our REST Fest developer crowd.

In the past our attendance (like most tech conferences) has been mostly men. In 2012, we saw a rise in women attending--making up about 10% of the audience. The Women in Tech Scholarship is an effort to grow that number.

The kindness of our donors will allow us to invite and pay for the travel, hotel, and ticket expenses of women chosen by our scholarship selection committee.


Sadly, this year's recipient was unable to attend. We will, however, be working toward next year's scholarship.

This year's scholarship committee included:

Scholarship Donors

This year's scholarship was made possible by...