Eventbrite - REST Fest 2014

Keynote: HTTP, The Good Parts

REST demands we think about resources, representations, and rich interactions; however, it's easy to forget the substrate upon which our beautiful hypermedia APIs "rest". HTTP has lots of interesting and powerful ways to enhance interaction and efficiency that most applications leave untapped because they focus so much on the act of processing a request, rather than the properties of the resource being requested. Let's look more closely at those HTTP features and then see how you can tap into them more declaratively with Webmachine.

Sean CribbsSean Cribbs is a Senior Software Engineer at Basho Technologies, where he has contributed to many aspects of Riak, the distributed database. In 2011, he grew tired of the Rails/Sinatra/Node echo-chamber and ported Basho's Webmachine HTTP toolkit from Erlang into Ruby. Prior to Basho, Sean was a freelance developer and consultant who also managed the development of the open-source Radiant web publishing system, and erstwhile pianist, composer, music theorist, and conductor.

Lightning Talkers

At REST Fest, everyone speaks. Each attendee has something valuable and interesting to contribute, and we don't want to miss out!

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